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League of Legends Udyr Rework Is the Next Release After Nilah

Published: 03:55, 23 July 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - New Spirit Guard Udyr Skin
League of Legends - New Spirit Guard Udyr Skin is what Udyr's playstyle will now look like as well

Nilah is the fourth new champion we got this year, and the next release will not be that of a new champion, but of a long-awaited rework. We are, of course, talking about Udyr.

During the pre-season for League of Legends season 12, Riot Games confirmed that Udyr's rework would be arriving sometime later in season 12. It seems that Riot Games are, uncharacteristically, right on schedule.

The Udyr rework is a long affair, during which some other reworks have been promised as well, with the fans having a vote on which champion should receive the next one .

Riot Reav3 however, has stated that Udyr's rework is ready to go, and the team is putting on finishing touches on his various new skins. WHat e don't know, however, is when the rework is bound to arrive to League of Legends.

After all, the exact date is unknown, but we can say that it shouldn't be too long now. With the Worlds coming, relatively, soon, we doubt that Riot would risk their grand rework undertaking being overshadowed by the events we will experience during the World Championship.

Riot Games Udyr carries a memento of his friend Lee Sin Udyr - Early concept art with a memento from Lee Sin

In addition, the new champion released this year have all been released close to one another, as soon as any information about their identities started to leak. Realistically, we can expect Udyr to be released sometime during August.

It will be a new look for Udyr, who has spent years training with Lee Sin, and fighting back the Noxian invasion, as well as wandering the wilds of Freljord, whose demigods he channels in his stances, now.

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All that remains to be seen is not if he will be overpowered upon release, but if that aspect of his design will be as annoying as the Udyr Chemtank meta was.

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