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League of Legends - Season 13 Will Make Top Lane OP

Published: 00:49, 04 October 2022
Riot Games
Splash art for Nemesis Jax showing his violet outfit with golden metal armor pieces, white cape and a huge bludgeon.
League of Legends - Jax is getting his Spear of Shojin again

Riot Games have promised that preseason 2023 will bring changes to the top lane that will make it relevant once more. However, these changes will make it overpowered instead.

It's no wonder that Riot Games have a love/ hate relationship with the League of Legends top lane. After all, the items they tend to give these champions can get quite overpowered, while they also nerf the lane into the ground every so often.

In preseason 2023, Riot are, instead of making balance changes as promised , nerfing the other two lanes, while buffing the top lane with experience and items.

Riot Games have stated in their Preseason 2023 preview that they will be making some adjustments to help top laners scale faster and hit those key item and level breakpoints faster relative to mid and bot.

The changes will be as follows:

  • Solo Lane Experience: Solo lanes will now receive a 95% experience multiplier (previously 93%) from minions
  • Duo Lane Experience: Duo lanes will now receive a 22% bonus experience multiplier (previously 24.73%) from minions
  • Mid Lane Gold Changes: All minions spawned in the mid lane will now be worth 1 less gold before 14 minutes when last hit (previously, only cannon minions were worth less gold, but were worth 10 less gold)

Riot Games League of Legends champion Nasus Eternal skin League of Legends - Prime Nasus incoming

This way, top lane will have even more of an advantage over the bot lane in terms of levels, while also having a marked advantage over the mid lane in terms of gold income.

And, aside from the lane changes, two items have now lost their  Mythic status, meaning that you can build them alongside broken items such as Divine Sunderer:

  • Sunfire Aegis
  • Turbo Chemtank

Sunfire Aegis has been an incredible problem this season with multiple nerfs leveled its way, while Turbo Chemtank will now, due to not being a Mythic, allow champions such as Darius or Nasus, to build it and run down their enemies, while not losing out on the power spike their actual Mythic items provide.

And, let's not forget the return of the Spear of Shojin. We can only imagine the havoc Jax will once again wreck in the top lane. And that is without even mentioning the new items hitting the Rift, all of which are insane. Though we expect those to get nerfed as soon as they get released, if not outright removed.

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