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League of Legends Vex Was Supposed to be a Control Mage Originally

Published: 23:33, 08 August 2022
Riot Games
Vex's Shadow is her core characteristic
Vex's Shadow is her core characteristic nowadays

At first, Riot Games promised us an artillery mage, the likes of Xerath, but modern. And then, in the midst of Ruination, we got Vex, and whatever class she is considered now.

In the middle of the Sentinels of Light event, and the disasters that it was, Riot Games released the only good thing about it. That is, they added Vex to League of Legends .

Vex is a Yordle who took on the mortal failings of man, and where Heimerdinger makes science his focus, and Fizz has been changed by the seas, Vex has taken on depression as her forte. This was always the plan Riot Games had, but,  her abilities  were not supposed to be what they are today.

Vex’s original gameplay, designed by Nathan “Lutzburg” Lutz, created portals that extended the distance allied missiles traveled, say the developers.

You would, essentially, have Miss Fortune ults that went double the distance, Blitzcrank hooks from out of nowhere, and all these other really scary, but really cool experiences. Except there was one problem: It would cost multiple years of VFX budget.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Vex Even Shadow was difficult to animate properly

That’s not an exaggeration. Nearly every missile ability in League needed to be completely redone with updated VFX just to interact with Vex’s kit. And that just wasn’t feasible, say the developers.

Vex’s artillery mage kit was centered around the extension mechanic, so when that was scrapped her entire kit needed to be reconsidered. And so, her character came into focus, and the Shadow that coalesces around her. And the rest is history.

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