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League of Legends - New Feature to Help Beginners Will be Added

Published: 01:21, 01 October 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Just like items, Runes need time to understand
League of Legends - Just like items, Runes need time to understand

We all remember what it felt like getting overwhelmed with information when starting out League of Legends. riot are now adding a new feature to help beginner players.

League of Legends is one of the games with the steepest learning curves in the world. And Riot Games know this, so they are adding a new feature to the game.

After all, not only are there 160 champions to learn about but also which items to build and runes to set up to be able to carry games .

In the same way that they provide item recommendations in the game, Riot say they want to provide rune and Summoner Spell recommendations during champ select.

This should help narrow the gap between players who are comfortable with the rune and Summoner Spell systems and those who aren’t. this way Riot aim to reduce barriers to entry and ensure players have the best possible experience with the runes system when initially ramping up on the game.

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Additionally, this should be helpful for more veteran players who might currently go to external websites or apps to learn what to take on a champion they’re not familiar with.

It seems that Riot Games have had it with third-party sites interfering with their games if the recent planned changes are any indication. And, while we are against complete centralization, on this one we agree. the effects of third-party sites have made League extremely unhealthy.

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