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League of Legends: Udyr rework ability details revealed

Published: 08:12, 06 August 2022
Updated: 09:12, 06 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Udyr about to Ram slap Rengar
League of Legends - Udyr about to Ram slap Rengar

Riot Games revealed the gameplay teaser for Udyr but much more was revealed on the YouTube channel of the most iconic Udyr player in League of Legends.

Udyr's visual and gameplay update (VGU) is the talk of the town when it comes to League of Legends fans currently and while his kit will look familiar to the players who experienced encounters with this jungler before, there is more to the new ability set than meets the eye.

Riot Games revealed a gameplay trailer that showed the new Udyr in action but it was on Trick2G's channel that the ability details were actually shown.

His new Passive is called Spirit Walker. It now allows Udyr to re-cast one of the stances during its cooldown period to Awaken it, granting bonus effects. Additionally, using any stance grants 30 per cent attack speed for four seconds and reduces Awaken's cooldown by five per cent.

Wilding Claw is the new Q, taking the place of the old Tiger Stance. Udyr gains 25 per cent attack speed for four seconds and his next two attacks deal additional physical damage based on max HP percentage. When it's Awakened, Udyr will get more attack speed, with the two empowered attacks gaining lightning strike that bounces up to six times, dealing even more max health damage to isolated targets.

Instead of the Turtle Stance, we now have Iron Mantle on W. It grants shield for four seconds and the two empowered attacks gain life steal and grant health on hit. The Awakened version increases the amount of shield gained and Udyr regenerates health over four seconds. Life Steal and on-hit health gains are doubled during this time.

Blazing Stampede (E) replaces the Bear Stance and grants Udyr 30 per cent movement speed that decays over four seconds. When in this stance, Udyr's first attack on an enemy stuns them for 0.75 seconds and Awaken gives him immunity to immobilising and disabling effects on top of granting additional movement speed over 1.5 seconds.

Phoenix Stance's replacement is Wingborne Storm (R). Udyr is enveloped in a glacial storm for four seconds and deals damage each second to nearby enemy while slowing them down by 15 per cent. Empowered attacks in this stance deal additional damage to enemies in the storm. If Awakened, the storm will seek nearby enemies and deal additional max health damage for the rest of the duration.

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