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Riot Games teases Fighter Class changes in League of Legends 2023

Published: 18:29, 06 January 2023
Riot Games
Fiora is one of the strongest champions in the Fighter champion pool
Fiora is one of the strongest champions in the Fighter champion pool

Riot Phlox has announced that adjustments are being made to address the balance issues with the champions from the Fighter champion pool in League of Legends.

In League of Legends, there are several champion classes to choose from. One of the most popular classes is the Fighter class. These champions are known for their close-range combat abilities and their ability to sustain significant damage. However, they do have a weakness in that they can be easily kited due to their limited range. This weakness can often be compensated for with the use of movement abilities or buffs.

Fighters have become particularly overpowered in the game since the durability patch, due to their high damage output and ability to sustain damage. Despite Riot's  attempts to balance the power of fighter champions and their associated items through nerfs, they continue to have some of the highest win rates in the game.

Fighter champions, such as Fiora and Aatrox,  are a strong choice for players due to their high damage and durability, although their limited range can be a drawback in certain situations.

Riot Phlox provided explanations for certain changes that will be made in the patch and also mentioned that adjustments to the fighter class, particularly with regard to their sustain, are in the works. 

However, he cautioned that these changes have not yet been fully determined and are subject to change.  In summary, the fighter class in League of Legends is expected to undergo changes in the upcoming patch 13.1, specifically related to sustainability.

The changes to the fighter class in League of Legends will likely be implemented in the next few patches, according to Phlox - Summoner's Rift development team at Riot Games. 

This means that the changes will be introduced during League of Legends season 13. It is estimated that the rework may occur around patch 13.5, which is scheduled for release on March 7, 2023.



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