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League of Legends 2023: Clash schedule is officially out

Published: 18:14, 24 February 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends Clash illustration
League of Legends - Clash

In order to participate in the Clash tournament, players must be level 30. Also, they will need to complete their ranked placements and verify their League accounts via SMS!

The recently delayed Season 13 Clash  by Riot  has been rescheduled for March 2023, due to recent cyber attacks. For those unfamiliar with Clash, it is a tournament-style competition in which teams compete on either Saturday or Sunday, with three games per team in an 8-team bracket. 

The objective is to win all three games, and doing so rewards the team with the trophy and prizes. Even League of Legends  teams that lose in the first round play all three games, as more wins equate to more rewards.

Teams are only allowed to compete in one Clash bracket per day, but they can participate on both Saturday and Sunday if they choose. Essentially, Clash is a player-created team tournament with the opportunity to earn rewards.

Bilgewater Cup

In March 2023, the Bilgewater Cup is scheduled to occur. The registration times and schedules for the event are as follows.

Week 1

  • Registration: March 6th, 2023, at 11 am Local Time (different local times for each server)
  • Tournament Days: March 11th and 12th (4-7 pm Local Time, varies by region)

Week 2

  • Registration: March 20th, 2023, at 11 am Local Time (different local times for each server)
  • Tournament Days: March 25th and 26th (4-7 pm Local time, varies by region)

Clash Tickets

To participate in the Clash, you must have either a Basic or Premium ticket. Basic Clash tickets can be purchased in the shop for 975 BE or 195 RP, whereas Premium Clash tickets cost 975 RP. The rewards that you can receive will vary depending on the type of ticket that you use. 

By using a Normal Clash Ticket, players will receive a Clash Orb upon completing the Clash tournament. On the other hand, the Premium option awards players a Clash Capsule upon successful completion of the tournament. 

Riot Games Premium Clash ticket Premium Clash ticket

Clash Tournament Rules

The games in Clash function in a manner similar to most custom Summoner's Rift games, with a few exceptions. These differences are outlined below.


In order to ensure that the entire bracket is completed within the allotted time, there are no pauses or remakes allowed during Clash matches.

Suddent Death

In the event that a game in Clash runs too long, there is a Sudden Death feature that can be triggered. Once the game reaches the 60-minute mark, towers will become weaker and easier to destroy. 

At 65 minutes, structures will begin to take damage over time, and at the 70-minute mark, one team will be declared the winner. It's worth noting that this feature is a last resort and won't be used in most cases.



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