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League of Legends - Preseason 2023 Navori Quickblades Changes Revealed

Published: 03:06, 04 October 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Lucian
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With the number of changes we are expecting for League of Legends preseason 2023, it's no wonder the developers forgot to show us some with their dev reveal.

In their recent  League of Legends dev reveal,  Riot Games have said that there are 12 items coming to the Rift, or returning to the Rift, with big changes to them.

It seems that there is actually another item that was forgotten to be included in the mix and now makes that number 13.

Riot Phlox has Tweeted that he has mostly been working on jungle stuff this preseason, but had a little extra time and slipped in a Navori change. Though he adds that he might have forgotten to flag it for the preseason preview article.

Riot Games League of Legneds - Can the Navori Quickblades change make up for the lack of exp in the bot lane League of Legends - Can the Navori Quickblades change make up for the lack of exp in the bot lane

The Navori Quickblades changes in League of Legends Preseason 2023 will be:

  • Same stats as before - 60 AD , 30 AH, 20% Crit
  • Passive:
    • If you have 60% crit, all of your attacks reduce your non-ultimate ability CD by 15% of the remaining CD.
    • Your abilities deal up to 20% (crit scaling) based on crit strike chance, which will likely be around 4%-8-12-16-20% (4% amp per 20% crit chance)

This way we can foresee the marksman class getting split into Infinity Edge users and Navori Quickblades users. And, with crit being in a good spot perhaps Stormrazor should be given a makeover.

One thing we can tell is that Lucian will likely be an incredible champion, especially if you know how to snowball even a tiny bit. Before he gets nerfed into the ground again, of course.

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