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League of Legends junglers are getting pets for Season 13

Published: 15:01, 03 October 2022
Updated: 15:10, 03 October 2022
Riot Games
Picture of League of Legends champion Lee Sin
League of Legends: Lee Sin

League of Legends is once again dipping into the concept of having junglers run around with pets as they will get several options in the preseason.

League of Legends ' next preseason is kicking off on October 4, 2022, which is a bit earlier than you might expect, especially with the World Championship still being in its initial stages.

One of the reasons is that Riot Games are adding new systems to the game which might take players a bit longer to get used to and even longer to properly test before the season begins.

Jungler pets are one such system, with three creatures becoming available in order to provide their owners with various buffs, depending on what they need.

These pets can be purchased in the shop as an egg that will hatch into the first form of the creature which will later evolve after you feed it enough treats. Treats, in this case, are monster kills which is highly reminiscent of the Ghost Dog we used to have with Devourer.

Once the pet evolves, it will provide a buff to the jungler:

  • Noxian Embercat will provide the player with slows and bonus damage, which sounds a lot like a permanent red buff
  • Ixtali Ixamander will provide a shield based on the jungler's health, as well as slow resistance and Tenacity once the shield is broken
  • Ionian Cloudleaper will provide bonus movement speed, which should be interesting to see on Warwick and Hecarim

Riot Games League of Legends - First Maokai, and now Hecarim, we can see what is going on Hecarim's charge will indeed be devastating with additional movement speed

Additionally, newcomers to the jungler role should find it less intimidating due to the addition of optimised jungle pathing indicators, which are tailored to the champion you are playing, based on data from highest levels of play.

Leashing will also be streamlined with aggro range indicators as well as adjustments that will remove the need for perfect positioning to kill Gromp and the Blue Buff at the same time.

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