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League of Legends: Aurelion Sol is getting a rework

Published: 18:03, 02 December 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends Aurelion Sol - the Star Forger
League of Legends Aurelion Sol - the Star Forger

Riot Games finally announced that Aurelion Sol rework and complete overhaul is coming next year. Having lowest pick rate of all League of Legends champions, Aurelion Soll will be the first one to receive a CGU update.

Riot Games are starting from scratch with this champion, completely rewriting his gameplay. Aurelion Sol will be the first champion to acquire a CGU, and if the community responds well, additional champions will undoubtedly follow.

If you are wondering what is CGU, here is the answer. CGU stands for Comprehensive Gameplay update. Some League of Legends  champions have very cool skins and lore, but lack some gameplay ability. Those champions, in this case Aurelion Sol, will receive a CGU update to improve its pick rate in the games.

Riot Games announced that Aurelion Sol  will become more dragon-like with his new Q, which would let him to physically breathe fire. He'll still be able to fly from point A to point B with his new W, but you'll be able to utilize his Q while flying.

Aurelion Sol has one of the lowest pick rates in most League of Legends rankings. Because to his unusual mechanics and rather expensive mana costs, the Star Forger mage is clearly a one-trick selection. 

As with other mages, the rise of the assassin's meta reduced his pick rate. Riot Games has been aiming to enhance Aurelion Sol's gameplay for quite some time. And finally, they will release the new Aurelion Sol next year.

Aurelion Sol will be the first League of Legends character to go through a “Comprehensive Gameplay Update” (CGU). Riot Games claims that when the Aurelion Sol upgrade reaches live League servers, it will be essentially a new champion.

Riot Games decided to give the Star Forger a complete overhaul because of his stunning 0,52% pick rate in 2022. The champion disappeared from all ranking lists because of his low pick rate.


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