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Hitman 3 Winter Update 2022 - Elusive targets, seasonal events, rewards and free location revealed

Published: 16:46, 01 December 2022
Updated: 16:48, 01 December 2022
IO Interactive
Hitman 3 goes full holiday mode with the Winter Update
Hitman 3 goes full holiday mode with the Winter Update

Developer IO Interactive have today revealed the full roadmap for Hitman 3's Winter Update 2022, which kicks off today - December 1, 2022.

IO Interactive have plenty of new content for all Hitman 3 players in the next couple of months. Starting today, Hitman 3's winter update is officially rolling out with new Elusive Targets, challenges, special rewards and more. 

The Winter Update will officially run until January 12, 2022. Below, you'll find the full breakdown of everything that will be available in this time period. 

Hitman 3 Holiday 2022 content roadmap 

  • December 1: Holiday Hoarders + 2 unlocks
  • December 8: Elusive Target Arcade
    • Unlock the Shashka A33 Gold Assault Rifle by completing either of the Elusive Target Arcade Contracts arriving in early December. 
  • December 15: Urben’s Holiday Special 2
    • Two batches of Curated Contracts are packed into this Winter Roadmap and the first up is Urben’s Holiday Special.
  • December 22: The Icon
    • Sapienza, by night with a huge movie set. This mission can be played for free between December 22 and January 2.
  • December 30: The Bad Boy
    • Sapiena, by night with a huge movie set and a former musician-turned-gangster who’s in hiding from the police.

IO Interactive Hitman 3 Winter 2022 update contet Hitman 3 Winter 2022 update contet

  • January 5: Hokkaido Snow Festival
    • Start 2023 at the Hokkaido Snow Festival and complete the new Ice To Meet You challenge to unlock the ICA 19 Iceballer. Firstcomers get to unlock the Snow Festival suit. Free Starter Pack players can enjoy the HSF between January 5 and January 26, 2023.
  • January  6: The Forger
    • Year 2's final Elusive Target is The Forger. This will be the first time he can be eliminated with a Shashka A33 Gold, Iceballer or Explosive Christmas Gift. He’ll be in town for 10 days.
  • January 12: Winter Madness  
    • Curated contract from the Hitman 3 community. 


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