League of Legends - How to use actual Pokemon as Jungle Pets

Published: 13:36, 02 December 2022
Updated: 13:43, 02 December 2022
Pokemon/Riot Games
Here is how you can use real Pokemons as Jungle Pets!
Here is how you can use real Pokemons as Jungle Pets!

League of Legends players are all over this new game mod. This mod allows you to use real Pokemon as your jungle pets. They evolve just like in the real Pokemon series!

The League of Legends Preseason 2023 is here, as is the new jungle modifications . Along with the jungle upgrades, Riot Games  introduced the addition of new Jungle pets. 

These jungle pets are little creatures that assist you in fighting jungle monsters and enhancing your smite summoner spell, and they evolve as you battle with them. In League of Legends, there are presently three jungle pets available: the red Noxian Embercat, the green Ixtali Ixamander, and the blue Ionian Cloudleaper. 

These are distinguished by their colors and have a similar feel to Pokemon, particularly the generation one starters Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

The mod converts your jungle creatures into the generation one Pokemon. It converts the red pet into Charmander, the blue pet into Squirtle, and the green pet into Bulbasaur. Furthermore, these creatures evolve in the same way as the gen one starters do. 

However, the second pet evolution appears to be broken at the moment, since they do not advance into their second stage, while the third stage works flawlessly. If you want to download this mod, just follow the instructions in the video below. 

The custom skin is "Use at your own risk," according to Riot. Riot Games has not banned players for utilizing custom skin modifications, although it is not safe. While using custom modes, there is a chance of breaking game files, although these may be readily repaired by reinstalling or repairing the game. 

Unfortunately, the mod does not work on Asian servers and may potentially get you banned on the Korean server.


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