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Last Wish raid saw only a handful of completions on DSC launch day

Published: 08:53, 04 December 2020
Destiny 2 - Riven promo image
Destiny 2 - Riven promo image

Deep Stone Crypt took the spotlight when it released in Destiny 2, as expected but the shadow it created was big enough to make just about everyone forget about older raids.

Bungie revealed the date of the next Iron Banner in the TWAB from December 3, 2020 , as well as some interesting stats from the Last Wish, Garden of Salvation and Deep Stone Crypt raids.

Considering DSC is the newest one and it recently had a world's first race, it is no surprise that Destiny 2 players completed it the most times as the place with new loot is the place to be in a looter shooter. However, it is still quite interesting to see its effects on older raids.

On the day of DSC release, it was completed 29,814 times which absolutely dwarfs Garden of Salvation completions, of which there were only 551. If that discrepancy looked like much, you will probably be even more surprised that Last Wish was completed only four times that day.

It probably didn't help that time investment in Last Wish can be more brutal since the completion to time spent ratio is much worse there than in other raids. 

For example, in the 10 days after DSC launch, Guardians played Last Wish for a total of 2,185,983 hours and cleared it only 3,555 times. In comparison, Garden of Salvation was completed 33,152 times in the same time frame, with players spending 2,807,504 hours doing so. 

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In other words - Last Wish was cleared only once for every 614.9 hours of players going at it while Garden of Salvation was cleared once for 84.7 player hours. 

Deep Stone Crypt took even less, with one completion per 27.7 hours of playtime. That said, it did boast a massive 7,165,651 player hours worth of playtime in the same period.

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