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Jump Force: WSJ scan reveals Grimmjow screenshots and moveset

Published: 11:21, 06 December 2019
Updated: 11:22, 06 December 2019
screenshot showing grimmjow from bleach
Bleach's Grimmjow is one of the DLC characters

Jump Force is set to introduce two new DLC characters in December. One of them is the main antagonist from Bleach - Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. Popular anti-hero arrives along with Trafalgar D. Water Law from One Piece.

Jump Force fighter roster is set for another expansion this month. According to the latest WSJ scan, the two new characters that will be joining Bandai Namco's anime crossover fighting title are Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez from Bleach and Trafalgar D. Water Law from One Piece.

At the moment, the exact release date is yet to be revealed but it shouldn't take long before the publisher officially announce the details. Bandai Namco December 2019 as the release window for the new fighters in their earlier Jump Force roadmap.

As for the new characters' fighting moves, thanks to , we know that Grimmjow comes with standard four moves, which include three specials and one awakening move:

  • Special 1 - Gran Rey Cero
  • Special 2 - Garra de la Pantera
  • Special 3 - Pantera Jaw
  • Awakening Technique - Desgarrón

All of these should be pretty familiar to the fans of the anime series Bleach as Grimmjow frequently used these in battles against his sworn enemy Ichigo Kurosaki.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a bit more for Trafalgar D. Water Law 's moveset as these were not included in the WSJ scan. However, you can bet that Bandai Namco included some of his iconic abilities and powers such as Devil's Fruit and Busoshoku Haki. 

Until we get the official reveal of both characters, you can take a look at the and read our review of Jump Force .

Jump Force is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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