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Shoto Todoroki has reportedly been leaked as new DLC for Jump Force

Published: 11:14, 14 February 2020
Updated: 14:21, 14 February 2020
Shoto Todoroki standing next to the cover of Jump Force.
Shoto Todoroki would be a wonderful addition to Jump Force indeed.

The second season of DLC fighters for Jump Force is all but confirmed, and according to a dataminer named SergioM3, the new batch will consist of five characters, one of whom will reportedly be My Hero Academia's Shoto Todoroki.

Jump Force players are still waiting with baited breath for Bandai Namco to officially announce the second season of DLC characters for the game and - ideally - tease at least some names of the new fighters that could potentially make this seemingly elusive list.

The most recent hint of DLC season two can be found at the end of the Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and Trafalgar Law in the form of an on-screen message that reads "the battle continues in 2020". Of course, this message alone was enough to make the game's go haywire with hype which was immediately followed by multiple wish-lists created by players eager to see their favourite heroes and villains added to the game's roster.

However, it seems as though the flames of the Jump Force hype-fire have been fanned even more now by a very credible dataminer named , who managed to the game's latest patch. Through his datamining endeavours, he learned that the game would reportedly receive five new DLC characters, thereby instilling even more belief that Jump Force's roster will indeed be expanded by some fresh new faces soon.

Moreover, by going deeper into the game's files brought in by patch 2.00 - he that one of the fan-favourite characters from My Hero Academia, Shoto Todoroki, would allegedly be one of the five DLC fighters coming in season two. Jump Force already features three characters from this anime - All Might, Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo - so Todoroki would be the fourth fighter in the MHA lineup, provided that the datamine is indeed correct.

All of this information sounds incredible indeed, and given SergioM3's great datamining skills and reputation, we think that trusting his words and research is a pretty safe bet. After all, he is the guy who successfully datamined the entirety of the game's DLC lineup, so odds are good that his new findings are correct and true as well.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Grimmjow versus Kenshin in Jump Force Grimmjow versus Kenshin... What a battle!

But of course, until Bandai Namco officially confirm everything mentioned above, we suggest you take it all with a grain of salt as it is the best and safest way of going about it for the time being.

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