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John Johanas says Hi-Fi Rush wasn't made because of Game Pass

Published: 14:09, 27 January 2023
Hi-Fi Rush is John Johanas' dream game
Hi-Fi Rush is John Johanas' dream game

Hi-Fi Rush game director John Johanas has revealed that his new game was pitched back in 2017, which was before the Xbox Game Pass existed and Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda.

Hi-Fi Rush took the internet by storm following its shadow drop shortly after the Xbox Developer Direct showcase earlier this week. Director John Johanas has already revealed how overwhelmed he and Tango Gameworks are by all the positive reactions and comments from players.

Since this is such a big release for Tango, Bethesda and of course, Xbox , John Johanas was a guest on Xbox's official Twitch channel , where he talked about how he came up with the idea for Hi-Fi Rush, and why Microsoft's subscription service Xbox Game Pass wasn't the reason for Hi-Fi Rush existence. 

Johanas said he pitched Hi-Fi Rush to Bethesda back in 2017, shortly after he concluded his work on survival horror The Evil Within 2. This was before Microsoft acquired Zenimax and even before Xbox Game Pass even existed.

"I know people are saying this [Hi-Fi Rush] is because of Game Pass but this was before [that]."

He added that Hi-Fi Rush is one of his dream games and the most unBethesda game ever, which is probably true. The publisher isn't really known for colourful, rhythm-based action games.

Hi-Fi Rush might be something that Bethesda don't usually do but it's quite popular on social media. On Steam, Hi-Fi Rush is currently one of the highest-rated games ever with 98 per cent positive reviews. 

Tango Gameworks HiFi Rush HiFi Rush has seen overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam

 And while Xbox Game Pass was not the reason to create such a unique small game, Microsoft's subscription service is still a perfect platform for such games since it has over 25 million subscribers that can access these games at any time they want. 

Hi-Fi Rush is available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles, PC and cloud right now.


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