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Tango Gameworks praise relationship with Xbox: We receive a lot of help and support

Published: 13:42, 07 February 2022
Ghostwire: Tokyo will be coming to Xbox in 2023
Ghostwire: Tokyo will be coming to Xbox in 2023

Tango Gameworks' producer Masato Kimura says working with Xbox has been really smooth so far.

With the acquisition of Bethesda, Microsoft added a Japanese studio Tango Gameworks to the Xbox family. This is Xbox's only Japanese studio, led by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami.

Tango Gameworks are soon releasing Ghostwire: Tokyo and for that occasion, Mikami and veteran Masato Kimura talked about the game, the studio and their relationship with Zenimax and Xbox.

Interestingly, Kimura reveals that since the acquisition, the Xbox team have been nothing but supportive and helpful. He added that working with "Xbox has been really smooth" and that it's usually Shinji Mikami who is handling that part of the business. 

"Having Mikami at the top of Tango to make decisions that are sometimes difficult just makes things really smooth,” Kimura explains and added that Tango generally receive "a lot of help and support" from Xbox and Microsoft. 

Tango Gameworks artwork showing a man and a city GhostWire: Tokyo

Of course, this is not surprising at all since it's expected that Xbox offer their tools and devs to support their first-party studios. They even said after the acquisition that Bethesda and Xbox studios will be working closely, sharing their tools and knowledge, which will greatly benefit their games and ultimately players. 

Tango Gameworks are currently working on Ghostwire: Tokyo and have several other unannounced projects in the works, including a new game by Jon Johanas a Game Director of The Evil Within 2. 

Source: VG247.

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