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Far Cry 7 is reportedly in development in the same engine as The Division

Published: 11:33, 27 January 2023
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Far Cry 5

Ubisoft is looking to shake some things up according to the latest leaked information but many things will remain the same.

Ubisoft is currently in a hard patch due to low revenue that the leadership is trying to pin on the employees so changes are to be expected in the future.

One change that may or may not be connected is that the company is changing the engine for Far Cry 7 from Dunia to Snowdrop. This will be the first Far Cry title since the second instalment to move away from Dunia.

For those less familiar with the engines used in Ubisoft titles, Snowdrop is the one that was announced in 2013 and was used for the first time with The Division .

Granted, the environment team at Massive Entertainment showed time and again that they can create wonders within the engine, with the snow-covered New York being one of their grandest achievements.

On that note, Insider Gaming reports that Far Cry 7 will be the singleplayer portion of the title while multiplayer, which bears a strong resemblance to The Division's Survival mode, is a separate entity codenamed Project Maverick.

Massive Entertainment The Division - Survival mode The Division - Survival mode

Maverick has apparently undergone various iterations thus far and at the time of reporting, it looked like an extraction shooter which boils down to dropping into the combat zone, surviving, looting and extracting to complete the run.

For reference, modern games of this nature are  Escape From Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown

Those who played Survival in The Division will already know the gist, especially because Maverick will also feature surviving wilderness and wildlife which is fairly similar to the freezing temperature, low visibility, virus countdown and hostile NPCs in the game mode for Massive Entertainment 's looter shooter.

Current estimates inside the company is that Far Cry 7 and Maverick are scheduled for release in 2025.


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