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King Art Games start countdown to Iron Harvest's first Alpha test

Published: 17:30, 07 August 2018
Updated: 17:36, 07 August 2018
King Art Games
Picture of a giant steam automaton in Iron Harvest
Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest is kicking off its first alpha test on Thursday, 09 August 2018 and it will apparently include the base building elements of the RTS. Here is a few pointers on the test phase King Art Games mentioned but you may have missed.

King Art Games' official page for Iron Harvest holds a few rules you may need to know before trying to get Alpha access. First and foremost, Alpha 1 will be, as the name suggests, an extremely early prototype that will have only singleplayer available. The announcing the test didn't even confirm that base building will be present in its entirety, as it may contain only the basics.

If you're itching for Alpha 1 access, you have to pre-order the game with Deluxe Edition or higher, which will set you back at least €47,61 or $55,20. While the price tags look rather weird, we can offer no feasible explanation on why King Art Games put them that way.

Keep in mind that the price is in Euro on their official page, while the price I listed in USD was converted at the time of writing, so it may still be fluid due to currency exchange rates in the future.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to play Alpha 1 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and not even on all operating systems on PC. Fans who want to try the game during alpha and beta tests will have to pre-order the game and choose Steam as preferred platform. Test phases will not be available on GoG, so players will be forced to accept the game with DRM attached if they want an early taste.

King Art Games 3D model of a mechanized diesel punk walker tank against a grey background King Art Games: Iron Harvest: Mech walker

Considering this will be a test, players might want to report any bugs and performance issues they come across to King Art Games. The easiest way to do it is probably the backer Discord channel which is not publicly available, but if you pre-purchased the game, the company has already sent you an invite. If you didn't receive one, you may want to visit their .

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