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Iron Harvest's September roadmap has co-op campaigns, new maps, ranked

Published: 13:44, 03 September 2020
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World of 1920+ (Iron Harvest)

King Art Games' dieselpunk strategy Iron Harvest has launched but there's plenty to look forward to in September, from co-op campaigns to the ranked mode.

King Art posted the roadmap on their Twitter account, and the second week of September brings co-op for campaigns, which lets you play through the campaign with a friend. Iron Harvest's map pool will also be one map richer - a 3v3 map to be precise. 

The co-op is a most welcome feature considering that Iron Harvest aimed to end the drought since the last great strategy campaign. It's certainly true that it's been too long and it looks like King Art hit the spot, so co-op can only make it more fun.

The third week of September brings another map, this time 2v2, and the glossary, which hopefully appeases the lore obsessionists. 

Week four is when Iron Harvest gets the ranked mode, or in other words - it's time to get seriously competitive. Perhaps even more importantly though, King Art will add auto casting for abilities.

Last but not least is the new 1v1, which will conclude September in Iron Harvest. 

Iron Harvest fans who are waiting to play on consoles should know that COVID-19 took its toll on King Art's global production, manufacturing and shipping capabilities. As a result, the game is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021, but the exact date will be announced at a later date. 

Ironically, some Iron Harvest players complained over the lack of multiplayer maps, to which the dev responded by reminding them singleplayer has always been the priority. Nevertheless, September should add plenty of variety to the mp map pool. 

Iron Harvest beta for backers, coming late March 2020

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Iron Harvest, Crash Site

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