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Iron Harvest is fully focused on front-line combat, King Art says

Published: 18:12, 13 March 2020
King Art Games
Iron Harvest screenshot of units behind cover ambushing oncoming infantry
Iron Harvest - Fish in a barrel

Iron Harvest, the gorgeous looking real-time strategy derived from Jakub Rozalski's equally as gorgeous 1920+ series, is shaping up to be a treat in every possible way, and the dev made sure that their strategy remains focused on front-line combat.

In King Art's preview of Iron Harvest over at PCGamesN, the game's executive producer Julian Strzoda stressed that they've been relying on successful recipes from the best in the genre, namely the likes of Company of Heroes and Dawn of War. 

Both of the aforementioned excelled when it comes to front-line combat, and King Art are hoping for a similar flow, be it in head-on charging enemy troops, or just sneaking around. 

Thankfully, and this happens to be one of the things their Kickstarter backers are quite passionate and vocal about, Iron Harvest doesn't do this at the expense of base-building. 

Strzoda mentioned that in spite of the inherent limitations of such an approach, and the front-line combat focus, the plan was always to "give the player reasons to go out into the map and cache resources to build up an economy".

This naturally introduces some timing limitations, but he stressed Iron Harvest is not about clicks-per-second or similar metrics. 

"One of the most important evolutions that we have is the real-time destruction system", Strzoda said. "We’re able to have complete physical simulation of buildings collapsing, and this is something really unique to our game."

Iron Harvest army waiting for an ambush Iron Harvest, wait for it!

It seems that the RTS genre is not the only one King Art Games draws inspiration from, as they brought to the table what they learned from making point-and-click adventures as well. "We really want to bring that feeling back that you really care for your heroes and characters", Strzoda said. 

You can check out the full preview over at PCGamesN .

Iron Harvest beta for backers, coming late March 2020

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