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Iron Harvest October roadmap announced by the devs

Published: 05:47, 06 October 2020
Deep Silver
Iron Harvest Mech Armored Vehicle
Iron Harvest

King Art Games took to Steam to announce the upcoming updates for their diesel-fueled RTS, Iron Harvest.

Iron Harvest's latest roadmap spans four weeks and will bring new content for both singleplayer, multiplayer, co-op and features for both. 

In week one, we will see the addition of cosmetic collections where players will be able to spend their coins on cosmetics they haven't unlocked yet. Healing and repairing allies will finally become a thing in co-op as the allied factions will be able to do so, offering more tactical depth for all players involved.

Week three will be rather simple - there is going to be a new multiplayer map, called City Outskirts and that's about it.

Things are going to get a bit juicy in week three though. Multiplayer matches will start awarding players experience points and cosmetic rewards for levelling up, giving them additional incentive to go up against fellow players. For additional co-operation and ease of use, there will be a ping system where the info you send out will be visible to allied teammates in co-op or PvP matches. Similarly, you will be able to see communications from your allies.

Iron Harvest units, concept art and more

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
King Art Games: Iron Harvest, Factions, Heroes, Unit Portraits
Iron Harvest units, concept art...

The Great War challenge map is coming in the final week of October, which is another simple addition with no extra details. Then again, it is rather self-explanatory - it's more content at no extra cost. However, this update will come with more balancing changes and game improvements.

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