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Iron Harvest beta coming in March 2020 with five playable missions

Published: 21:05, 28 February 2020
King Art Games
Iron Harvest, infantry vaulting a wall
Iron Harvest, infantry vaulting

King Art Games have confirmed that their highly-anticipated real-time strategy Iron Harvest is getting a beta with five playable missions from the Polanian campaign. Alas, it will only be available to the game's Kickstarter backers.

While we're certainly aware not everyone will be pleased to hear that Iron Harvest's beta is reserved for backers only, we cannot deny that the company's devotion to those who believed in them is admirable. 

They even posted preliminary portraits of those who shelled out to be featured in Iron Harvest. We found them delightful, but you be the judge. 

As far as the campaign goes, Iron Harvest's backers will get to play first five missions of Polanian Campaign, along with new skirmish and multiplayer maps. Additionally, there are new units and heroes as well. 

Iron Harvest's beta will be all about Anna and her rise to prominence in the war that threated to tear Polania apart. Gong from an unwilling participant to an unlikely hero is commonly romanticised because it's etched into human history, but we'll steer clear of spoilers here. 

Also revealed are two of the biggest and deadliest mechs in Iron Harvest - Saxonian SKS 300 Kaiser (left) and Polanian PMZ24 Tur right). 

King Art Games Iron Harvest's gargantuan mechs in action Iron Harvest, the mac daddies of the endgame!

Iron Harvest's foot soldiers haven't been forgotten either, and they will automatically vault objects lower than 1m. This adds yet another dose of realism in troop movement in what's already an impressively realistic depiction of warfare.  

King Art Games Iron Harvest backers painted as in-game characters Iron Harvest, backer that made it into the game.

"For those eager for our 3rd faction, the Rusviets; you’ll meet them as opponents while playing the campaign missions. We'll assess your feedback and then later this year we will make them available as a playable faction for skirmish and multiplayer", King Art wrote.

You can check out the new maps and more in our gallery below. 

Iron Harvest beta for backers, coming late March 2020

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Iron Harvest, Crash Site

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