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Iron Harvest Drop Zone due next week, Rusviet Revolution DLC in December

Published: 20:25, 20 November 2020
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Iron Harvest, Rusviet Revolution Campaign DLC
Iron Harvest, Rusviet Revolution Campaign DLC

King Art Games have a lot in store for Iron Harvest in the upcoming period, and if the rest of November doesn't prove exciting enough, December surely will.

According to Iron Harvest's monthly roadmap, the last week of November brings a brand new mode called Drop Zone. There's also a new season tree, which means players are getting some fresh perks to unlock.

King Art also announced the Rusviet Revolutions Campaign DLC, which launches on December 17, 2020, and adds four new co-opable campaign missions. The game's Kickstarter backers and Digital Deluxe owners are getting the DLC for free, whereas the rest can get it from Steam, GOG or Epic Games Store for €3.99. 

Thankfully, Iron Harvest's latest update has plenty of content to keep players entertained, starting with Group/Party invites that allow for 3-player parties in quick, ranked and custom matches. Groups are likely to be matched against same-sized groups, but it's also possible to play a 2-player group and a Solo player or other combinations, AI included. 

The update implements more dynamic and responsive infantry combat, with more dynamic Shoot & Run variations where applicable. 

King Art introduced a number of balance changes, dropping Gunners' health from 175 to 150, and Medics' heal countdown from 50 to 25 seconds. Damage to units hiding in buildings has been decreased too.

The Rusviet have received slight buffs due to being the least chosen of the factions, focusing on Groza Exosuits, Ognivo flamethrower mechs and Kolokol bomber mechs.  

And here comes the good news-bad news combo - saving and loading should be significantly faster after the latest update but at the price of your earlier saves. Thankfully, it won't mess with your progression but your saves will soon be yesterday's news.

You can find the full patch notes on Steam .

Iron Harvest beta for backers, coming late March 2020

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