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Gunsmith in Destiny 2 is selling one of the best mods for 24 hours

Published: 19:41, 25 May 2020
Updated: 20:06, 25 May 2020
Destiny 2 - Powerful Friends mod
Destiny 2 - Powerful Friends mod

Banshee-44, the Guardians' favourite gunsmith, got a rather special mod on his rotation. Powerful Friends will be in his inventory until the daily reset on May 26, 2020.

Powerful Friends is an armour mod that was introduced in Season of Dawn. It will let you spread the Charged With Light buff to nearby allies if they are not under its effects already but that is not the important part here. The mod will also add 20 mobility, making it invaluable for PvP.

However, there is a hitch and a few hidden rules you might want to know about it, even after you buy it. Considering the low price and high payout, we dare say it is a must buy.

Powerful Friends is basically a Mobility mod on steroids - it goes into the seasonal mod slot, letting you equip up to three regular mods as well. Since it goes in the seasonal slot, it means you cannot equip it in Exotics as they don't have the necessary space. Furthermore, there is the requirement to have at least one mod that is exclusive to the Arc affinity, meaning it has to be an Arc armour piece as well.

One particularly useful part about this mod is that it stacks like the regular attribute mods, so if you get two Arc pieces with it, you can easily max out Mobility and run around Crucible like a bunny on caffeine.

There are also the interactions with Lightweight Frame weapons, Traction mod for boots and Stompies. Lightweight Frame weapons add 20 points of mobility, meaning that you shouldn't go over 80 in total, in case you are running with one of these. Similarly, Traction will add 5 visible Mobility points and 10 invisible ones so keep it under 85.

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Stompies, on the other hand, apply a movement bonus directly instead of increasing your mobility. If you max out your mobility via raw points or by using Traction or Leightweight Frame, you will break the barrier and move even faster when the intrinsic perk kicks in.

Overall, the mod is fantastic for those who are looking to ruin everyone's fun in the Crucible by using max Mobility coupled with shotguns. Hunters with Stompies and Titans with Antaeus will likely be the worst offenders.

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