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Guild Wars 2: Tower of Nightmares from LW Season 1 is coming next week

Published: 10:31, 08 September 2022
Guild Wars 2 - Tower of Nightmares
Guild Wars 2 - Tower of Nightmares

Tower of Nightmares is coming back to Guild Wars 2 soon, letting the veterans relive the old adventure and introducing the newer players to the early day of the scarlet menace.

Living World Season 1 is getting another episode on September 13 when Tower of Nightmares makes a comeback in Guild Wars 2 .

Getting to it is quite simple, navigating through the journal will let the players replay the reprised LW episode that will have them help Marjory and Kasmeer investigate what the rackety tower in Kessex Hills is all about.

Those who wandered the area already know what it's all about - weird water snakes and their buddies using potent hallucinogens, just like in the Toxic Offshoot events.

One of these will present within the tower itself, which will also hold a set of achievements that will award the Antitoxin Gloves for those who go through all of them.

Additionally, the Tower of Nightmares will feature a similarly named group encounter that can be tackled by either a premade squad or a random group through a public instance that can be joined by anyone.

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Following the episode that revolves around the tower, the players will likely get to relive the inaugural season of the Living World much in the same fashion as it was in the original run since it tied into Wintersday, which is also coming ever closer.

It's only after the winter festivities that we get to finally face off against the true threat behind the oddball alliances that are terrorising Tyria.

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