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Why Azoth price recently spiked in New World

Published: 08:16, 08 September 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

New World players may have noticed Azoth prices going up on the trading post recently and they will go up further soon. Here is why.

Vial of Suspended Azoth didn't have that much use in New World since the reduction in the costs of fast travel but that is going to change with Brimstone Sands. 

While Amazon Game Studios didn't state they have any plans to increase the cost of fast travel, they will include the vials into a brand-new crafting recipe that everyone will need.

These recipes pertain to the Heartgem Runes, which will give players access to new abilities and crafting some of them will require 50 Vials of Suspended Azoth. 

As a result, some people are already preparing the necessary materials to craft their own Heartgem runes, which resulted in numerous buyouts on the trading post. 

However, a lot of people are still not aware of the upcoming significance of this resource and when the update arrives, they will be able to see the necessary crafting materials for themselves, which will lead to further demand for Vials of Suspended Azoth and another price hike.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Brimstone Sands Brimstone Sands will set some new priorities on the trading post

If you are looking to prepare the vials for yourself without paying a premium, you will either need to purchase them sooner rather than later or make sure you don't miss those chest run trains, which are the primary source of Vials, thanks to all the Elite and Ancient chests along the way.

Other tradeable materials for crafting Heartgem runes will include Runestones, Thorny Vines, Saltpeter and Feathers so you might want to save up on these as well.

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