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Why Steam numbers aren't worrisome for Guild Wars 2

Published: 00:27, 31 August 2022
Guild Wars 2 - Kormir explaining how she stole your glory in 2006
Guild Wars 2 - Kormir explaining how she stole your glory in 2006

Guild Wars 2 has recently launched on Steam but if you check the player numbers, they may not look that great and yet, they are not a reason for panic.

ArenaNet recently released Guild Wars 2 on an additional storefront and many saw it as a pretty big deal since it's the first time in history the game is being sold somewhere else without going straight through NCSoft .

However, if you take a look at the player numbers via Steam Charts , they are anything but impressive. The game peaked at around eight thousand concurrent players on Steam which is pretty bad for an MMO with a free-to-play aspect.

While this may be reason to worry for some potential players, it is actually not that much of an issue.

One thing you need to remember first is that all players can interact and play with each other, no matter where the game was purchased and launched from. Therefore, the existing GW2 accounts that went through the first-party store are a part of the player base even if you started playing on Steam recently. 

There are no official numbers about concurrent player counts these days but there are estimates that the game usually sees around 120,000 active players at the same time.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Claw of Jormag Guild Wars 2 - Claw of Jormag

As such, GW2 has enough players for necessary activities, trade and other interactions at pretty much all times.

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