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League of Legends - Riot Will Punish Inting More Effectively

Published: 00:51, 08 September 2022
A leak about the new League of Legends champion Yone
League of Legends - Yone, the second inting brother

Will we see an improvement in our games any time soon? Riot Games seem to be confident that we will, with their detection system working 2 times better than before.

It's no secret that League of Legends has one of the most toxic gaming environments one can find themselves in. So, what are Riot Games doing to make it better?

They have recently said that their future focus is to punish the 95% of players that are inting or toxic only some of the time. What does that mean for us though?

Over the last 8 months, since Riot released their new feeding detection model, they say that they have gained the confidence that allows them to make significant adjustments to what is detected as intentional feeding.

Players can expect an increase in detections and punishments of over 2x. The punishments for intentional feeding are a 14-day ban for the first transgression and a permanent ban for the second.

Riot Games Spirit Blossom Yasuo splash art - League of Legends League of Legends - Yasuo, enough said

Additionally, chat restrictions will be visible on the lobbies screen for yourself and any party members, as well as on individual profile pages, while honor restrictions applied to your account will be visible on your profile page with a lock icon and tooltip.

So, punishments are not only going to be more often seen in League of Legends but transparent as well. You will be able to see if your reports have made a difference, by taking a look at the profile of the offending players.

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