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Guild Wars 2 is offering free Black Lion Claim Tickets over Christmas

Published: 18:46, 24 December 2020
Updated: 18:47, 24 December 2020
Guild Wars 2 - A happy Warrior
Guild Wars 2 - A happy Warrior

ArenaNet folks are in the giving mood on the Christmas Eve and the big day itself as they announced everyone will get a free Black Lion Claim Ticket which has more than one use.

Black Lion Claim Tickets are not exactly common items in Guild Wars 2. They are usually obtained through two ways, either by scoring one directly from a loot box or obtaining 10 Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps to convert them into one Ticket.

However, from December 24 to 26, 2020, Guild Wars 2 players can obtain one, per account, for free. Just open the Gem Store and go to the Promotions tab, which should show the free ticket at the top. 

Once you have one, its use is pretty simple - you can exchange it for a weapon skin that costs one Ticket or save up so you can purchase a more expensive skin later on or do some saving and sell for a bigger profit so let's break the intricacies of skin trading down.

Buying a skin outright is probably the best course of action since you will spend just one Ticket for the item. On the other hand, it will take a while for the skin's price to go up, which usually happens when its Ticket price goes up as well

At the time of writing, you could sell Shimmering Aurora weapons on the Trading Post for 50 gold or so but expect the prices to drop once everyone starts utilising their tickets.

You could also risk it by buying a single skin with the Ticket and saving it to sell later when this particular skin line goes up to two or three Tickets per skin. This usually gives better gold returns, as mentioned above, but considering many players will buy Shimmering Aurora skins with the free Ticket, it may take longer for their price to go up.

Possibly the safest way of converting the Ticket to gold is to save it for a new skin line and grab a skin that has a high price, regardless of whether you decide to sell it immediately or save up and wait for the price inflation. While this way will give the best gold return, it also requires the most waiting so make sure you are willing to keep the item for a few months.

There is also the option of simply getting a skin for yourself. Whatever you decide, the most important part is to have a good time with it. Merry Christmas folks!

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