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Interview with Simon Viklund - Game Design, 10 Chambers Collective

Published: 15:08, 15 April 2020
Updated: 15:10, 15 April 2020
10 Chambers Collective
Key art for GTFO.
Angry teeth hands will be the death of you.

GTFO is an unrelenting bombardment of challenging co-op action, pitting a squad of up to four players against an ever evolving series of incursions. We interview Simon Viklund from 10 Chambers Collective to discuss their process and future plans.

Following our time with the early access beta , we came away feeling exhausted in every good way imaginable. GTFO is a game that demands your best self, with SAS level reactions, inventory management, and careful stealth playing a huge part in your potential success. 

As the tagline suggests, you'll spend an excessive amount of time dying alongside your buddies, but that's the point; this isn't meant to be an accessible, pick up and play easy breeze. GTFO asks more of you than a typical FPS, with its foundation built entirely on the importance of genuine cooperation. 

We caught up with Simon Viklund from 10 Chambers Collective to discuss their process for creature design, implementation of player feedback, and potential future plans.

10 Chambers Collective Taking on the horde in GTFO. Who opened the airlock? TELL ME WHILE I MURDER.

GTFO is a proudly hardcore experience, and one that gamers looking for a real challenge have truly embraced. What's your process for balancing difficulty, and how have you shaped the game through player feedback?

We have a good handle on what elements in the game control the difficulty - expedition length, monster density, monster types, security scan durations etc... So we have a good starting point from the get go. Then we test the game both internally in the studio and with 200+ testers from a closed group. 

After we’ve released the expeditions to the public, we’re also taking in player feedback and statistics (clear rates, etc.) in order to hotfix difficulty spikes when we deem it necessary and appropriate. We thank the players for their patience and their energy to point out to us when we’ve missed the mark - it’s what the Early Access phase is all about; developing, tweaking, polishing! And GTFO definitely has an enthusiastic, helpful and friendly community! Those who purchase the game should join the discussions on the GTFO Steam forum, or the official GTFO Discord server

Are there any plans to build on the narrative elements? Perhaps through other media (short films, comics, etc...)?

We’re a small team with a small budget, but we’d be interested in anything that allows GTFO to live and prosper beyond the game itself. We’ll see!

10 Chambers Collective Keeping a tight perimeter in GTFO. This screenshot is followed by immediate flailing panic.

When creating the various creatures, does their overall look and visual design usually come first, or do you create enemy types based on a need for specific mechanics (i.e.ranged, tank, rushing as a swarm etc...)?

 First and foremost it’s the design - the role that the monster plays in the gameplay - that dictates the monster’s look. But then the artist has the freedom to design whatever he wants within that framework, and the goal is always to be creepy and disturbing.

Hypothetically, what creature from another game / movie / TV show would you like to see crossover into the world of GTFO?

We’re not really interested in making GTFO a platform for cross-promotions or cross-breedings with other IPs, but if we had to choose I think it’d be the Xenomorph. GTFO’s atmosphere and visuals are very much inspired by the Alien movies, so that would be a somewhat natural fit!

We feel like GTFO would be a perfect game on Switch, especially with local wireless multiplayer. Any chance the 10 Chambers Collective wizards have got this on the brew?

 Not currently, but we’d love to! Simultaneous multi-platform development is pretty much an impossibility for our small team, but if some opportunity arises that allows us to invest time and resources in a console port - Switch would be awesome - then we’d jump at the chance!

Is it true that the creatures in GTFO are in fact distant cousins of Species 8472 from Star Trek: Voyager?

Yes, they are in fact third cousins! But they were in a quarrel at a family gathering some years ago so they don’t really talk anymore.

A huge thank you to Simon for taking the time to answer our questions, and to the entire 10 Chambers Collective team for their support. 

GTFO is available now, in Early Access for PC. 

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