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10 Chambers' GTFO in Steam Early Access soon

Published: 18:56, 04 December 2019
10 Chambers

GTFO is a four-person co-op shooter that is in development by 10 Chambers, consisting of Payday 2 veterans, and has some unique twists. The stealth-shooter-puzzle solving adventure is coming to Steam Early Access on 9 December 2019.

Fans that followed GTFO's development can look forward to 9 December 2019 as the date when the game will finally become available to wider audience. Considering this is a four-player co-op, it is no wonder one would want as many players as possible to be available for matchmaking.

Sadly, the matchmaking feature will but it is in developers' plans. On the other hand, it might be for the best initially as there is a lot of emphasis on player communication and coordinated play, due to the nature of GTFO. Therefore, it could be better to just play it with familiar faces first, who you might have inherent inclination to cooperate with.

As it stands, GTFO is not your typical "get in, shoot everything, get out" experience. As stated by developers themselves in the trailer below, players will need to keep a low profile and count their bullets in order to successfully clear expeditions. 

Expeditions themselves will be a part of a larger string of content, called The Rundown, that will be on rotation without a standard expiration date. Unlike the linear weekly resets that are common in other games, such as Destiny 2, The Rundown can go on for a week, two weeks, a few days or anything the devs come up with. 

To compensate for the non-standardised reset intervals, each rundown will have a different number of expeditions available so we will not be stuck with just two over two weeks or nine expeditions in two days.

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