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GTFO is free to play this weekend

Published: 22:11, 13 June 2022
Screenshot from the game
Screenshot from the game

10 Chambers is offering new players an opportunity to test the game for free this weekend (16-20 of June).

GTFO is an extreme cooperative horror shooter with an emphasis on stealth, strategy, and teamwork in order to survive a deadly, hostile environment. As the game has a steep learning curve and is considered hardcore and tough for beginners, paying up the full price for the game before trying is a no-go for many players.

That is why this weekend, the game will be free to play, so if you were interested in the game, now is the time to test it and see if the game suits you.

GTFO will unlock at 10:00 PST on Friday, June 16th, and will be free until 10:00 PST Monday, June 20th. To play the game, just head over to Steam and download the game. 

The game will be unlocked in full, and the free weekend version will feature the same content as you would get by purchasing the full game, with matchmaking and progression. 

Beginners are advised to watch a couple of beginner tutorials before playing as the game is not your typical FPS and don't expect to finish the game in one weekend, even if you put many hours in.

As for players who already own the game, the new Rundown will start just hours before the free weekend, so the current players will have plenty of new challenges to overcome. The video teasing a free weekend showed possibly a new type of enemy, which got players excited.

10 Chambers Are we getting a new enemy?

If you happen to like the game, you can purchase it on Steam with a 25% discount until 21th of June

All the progress you made during the free weekend will be saved and you will pick up right where you left off.

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