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League of Legends MMO in the works at Riot Games

Published: 11:25, 23 February 2021
Riot Games
Riot Games, League of Legends MMO
Riot Games, League of Legends MMO

We suppose this one was a long time coming, as Riot Games revealed that the studio is working on a League of Legends MMO, for which they're currently staffing up.

Riot Games posted the announcement on their website, where they started drumming up excitement and attracting developers that will bring League of Legends MMO to life. 

That said, from what we've read thus far, this is not a project you should be counting on anytime soon, because Riot seem to still be in the concept phase, or in other words - this will take a while to create. 

"No, you’re not dreaming, we’re working on an MMORPG based in the League universe! We know MMOs take a lot of people to create, and we’ll need a pretty big raid team if we want to bring Runeterra to life. That's where you come in. We’ll periodically post new roles, but right now we don’t have any specific openings on the team—we’re just gearing up for the journey", they wrote.

If you happen to be a fan of League of Legends and savvy with development, you might even have a chance for employment. Riot are currently looking for people with experience in gameplay engineering, game design, UX design, all the possible art disciplines and game production. 

Direct experience with MMOs doesn't hurt but it's not a requirement for the job, so if you're interested, you can head over here and apply . Or just check it out, of course.

Riot Games Riot Games, League of Legends MMO artwork Riot Games, League of Legends MMO artwork

League of Legends has been among the most popular games on the planet ever since it launched, so it makes perfect sense to keep expanding the universe further, and it will certainly be interesting to see whether Riot can replicate the success in a different genre.

Riot Games Riot Games, League of Legends MMO concept art Riot Games, League of Legends MMO concept art

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