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Former Riot Games devs talk all things Project-V

Published: 16:44, 10 December 2020
Vela Games
Project V character splash arts
Project-V characters

Vela Games shared some interesting information about their upcoming multiplayer game called - Project V. The game will be a combination of the MMO and MOBA genres.

After opening the beta sign-ups a couple of days ago, Vela Games have revealed some interesting facts about their new online multiplayer game called Project V. They have shared a couple of interesting details about the game in their most recent Q&A with their CEO and co-founder Travis George on their discord channel, as well as in the interview with PCgamesN .

First of all, they will introduce a new genre in the gaming industry which is passionately call MOCO -  multiplayer online co-op game. The game will feature both PvP and PvE interactions, set in the sci-fy fantasy world. Although they aren't officially associated with Riot Games in any way, they have a lot of Riot's former employees, and succeeding at inventing and popularizing a new gaming genre shouldn't come as a shock to anyone.

Now let's talk about platforms - Travis aka Volibar, revealed that they will have a solid release but they'll have to "pick their battles" which means that the game could be limited when it comes to platforms. But, luckily enough he further announced that they will "seriously consider" cross-play if it made sense in the future.

Much like League of Legends, the game will offer no play-to-win options that would give direct advantages to players, at least in its competitive mode.

Vela Games Project V character splash art A cyberpunk-inspired character

When it comes to characters, it's confirmed that all of the characters in the image above are playable at this very moment and they are separated into three different species. These characters should be available in time when testing begins.

So far we don't have any information about the games' release date other than that testing will be starting in 2021.

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