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Former League of Legends devs show off their first Project V character

Published: 11:02, 02 March 2021
Vela Games
Project-V character
Project-V - Fyn

Vela Games have revealed the first character for their upcoming multiplayer online co-op game, Project-V. Fyn is a courageous leader with a heart as big as his shield.

After opening the beta sign-ups a couple of months ago, Vela Games have finally revealed their first playable character from their upcoming online multiplayer game, Project-V. 

They will introduce a new genre in the gaming industry which is passionately called MOCO-multiplayer online co-op game. Even though they aren't officially associated with Riot Games in any way, they have a lot of Riot's former employees, and succeeding at inventing and popularizing a new gaming genre shouldn't come as a shock to anyone.

The new character is called Fyn and he was already a fan-favourite back when Vela revealed the first game trailer on YouTube. Not knowing his real name, the fanbase started calling him Billy. The inspiration for Fyn came from the legendary Irish hero, Fionn mac Cumhaill. As described on their main Discord channel , Fyn is a courageous, fun-loving, strong leader who thrives in the middle of a battle. He will fill the role of a tank unit, which isn't hard to guess based on the gear we can see in the picture above.

Vela Games Project-V character Fyn Fyn - design process

According to their CEO and co-founder, Travis aka Volibar, the game should have a solid release but they will have to pick their battles when it comes to platforms. But, luckily enough he further announced that they will "seriously consider" cross-play if it made sense in the future. What we know for sure is that the game will offer no pay-to-win options that would give direct advantages to players, at least in its competitive mode.

We have no official information about the game's release date other than that the beta testing should be starting this year.

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