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Fortnite Week 2 set of challenges surfaces, all hail data mining

Published: 21:53, 07 May 2018
Epic Games
Tilted Towers in Fortnite
Fortnite - Tilted is still alive and kicking

It has become almost customary to see data miners mine the heck out of Fortnite and this time around we're looking at Season 4's Week 2 set of challenges for owners of Battle Pass. So, let's see what Epic has got in store for us this time.

As usual, Epic's got four easy challenges and three harder ones, where former yield five while the latter earn 10 battle stars each. Naturally, Week 2 challenges will follow , so you may want to finish those up first.

First up is digging through seven chests in Greasy Grove, which will probably take a few drops. Consuming seven Hop Rocks is up next and hopefully, you take care of it in a single drop on Dusty Divot. Of course, we can't guarantee you won't have a lot of company.

Next up is dealing 500 damage with suppressed weapons, meaning it's time for silenced pistols and SMGs. Fourth challenge is dancing but this time it's not in front of no-dancing signs, it's in front of Fortnite cameras.

As we suspected while writing about and the accompanying Fortnite hilarity, Epic threw in cameras and green screen room all across the map, most of the time in basements and places you'd never suspect. Of course, we've got your back. This concludes "easy" challenges.

The first "hard" challenge is searching between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod and a Big Screen. We suspect we're talking about Risky Reels and Anarchy Acres as the two but we'll need a few drops to be certain first.

The remaining two are eliminating three enemies with explosives and three in Tomato Town. Of course, if you're good enough, you could probably finish both Fortnite challenges in one try, so there you have it.

Epic Games Map of the island in Fortnite: Battle Royale with camera locations Fortnite, Season 4, Week 2 Challenges

Naturally, even if you don't own a Battle Pass, you can still hunt those that do and now you know about where to find them once start. Also, in case you didn't catch it, Thanos from the Avengers so it's time to get those trigger fingers ready.


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