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Fortnite - Operation: Infiltration is now live

Published: 16:02, 20 May 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite - Operation: Infiltration
Fortnite - Operation: Infiltration

Operation: Infiltration is a new Spy Games mode in Fortnite. The new game mode will see players in 8v8 matches, trying to extract an Intel Case from the other team's turf.

Fortnite has a new Spy Games mode. Starting today, you can drop into the new game mode titled Operation: Infiltration.

The Agency is sending the players into a warzone with one objective - retrieve the highly-confidential Intel Cases. The MacGuffins will be scattered all across the Island and there will be some serious consequences should they make their way into the wrong hands. 

The players' mission, should they choose to accept it, will be to team up in groups of eight people and go against the opposing team. One team's Intel Case will be snuggly put away somewhere in the hostile team's territory and they'll have to recover it. 

Another objective will be to prevent your case from ever reaching the invading team’s destination.

Epic Games Fortnite - Operation: Infiltration Fortnite - Operation: Infiltration

Each round that passes will see the teams swap sides. The triumphant team will be the one that wins three out of four rounds.

After completing a round, you’ll secure Intel that unlocks special upgrades. The upgrades are known as Tech. You can secure more of this Intel by winning the round or the whole match.

You can also use the Tech you unlock in one Spy Game across all the others, giving yourself new weapons and abilities.

The abilities will give you a chance to increase your speed after taking damage, equip a Shield Bubble with low-gravity inside, deal more damage at low health, and an entire lot more.

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