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Fortnite gets spy-flavoured rotating LTM missions Operation: Dropzone and Knockout

Published: 01:21, 16 April 2020
Epic Games
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Just as Epic Games promised in yesterday's announcement of Chapter 2 - Season 2's extension, Fortnite will continue to receive fresh new content, starting with spy-based, rotating LTM missions Operation: Dropzone and Operation: Knockout.

In case you didn't catch yesterday's announcement, Fortnite: Chapter - Season 2 will not end on 30 April 2020 as planned, but a bit later. Season 3 kickoff is set for 4 June 2020, provided everything goes as planned.

As for Spy Games, Fortnite players will get to play two distinct multiplayer flavours, with each Operation's name clearly hinting at what you'll be doing once you're in. 

Operation: Dropzone pits 50 vs 50 players in a smaller storm circle, where the final goal is to get to 100 elimination before the other team. It's not just the size of the storm circle that dictates the tempo - Fortnite players will be securing Intel to unlock Tech, Fortnite's new gameplay item. 

Operation: Knockout, on the other hand, is more of a straightforward PvP matchup, where players will take part in in a tournament to decide who gets the bragging rights. Just like in Dropzone, though, the winning team will receive more Intel for more Tech. 

Note that Fortnite's Tech can only be used in Spy Games, so the standard modes will be unaffected. Epic played around with various abilities like a Jetpack and even the double-jump.

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Tech includes special skills and gear that can only be used in the Spy Games — such as a Jetpack and the Double Jump ability. We've also just added a lot more Tech, like the flinch-reducing Strong Resolve ability, and we'll be adding even more in the future. Your unlock progress carries throughout the whole Season, so grab your Tech and upgrade your gameplay", Epic wrote in the announcement

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