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Fortnite Marvel Knockout Super Series kicking off with new superhero

Published: 07:09, 13 October 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite's Daredevil Skin
Marvel Knockout Super Series, Daredevil Skin

Epic's festivities never end and this time it's Marvel Knockout Super Series, which starts tommorow and has four cups building to a $1 million-worth tournament.

Marvel Knockout Super Series is all about Marvel Knockout game mode, obviously, and it will feature four competitive cups for you and your makeshift superhero team. The final $1-million tournament is set for November 21, 2020, and there are participation awards too. 

Namely, if you compete in each of the four Fortnite cups with your team - you'll get the exclusive Nexus War Glider. 

As for the first cup, the cover image should've given you a hint - it's Marvel's man without fear, Daredevil. Other than bragging rights, teams can win early access to the Daredevil skin.

"Become the Guardian Devil of the Marvel Knockout LTM by competing in the first cup of the series — the Daredevil Cup — this Wednesday, October 14. Top teams in each region will earn the Daredevil Outfit early before it hits the Item Shop", Epic wrote.

It won't be long until Epic start scheduling the remaining cups. Players can expect to learn more starting at the beginning of November. 

Epic Games Fortnite, Daredevil Cup Fortnite, Daredevil Cup

Just in case you need your memory jogged for Marvel Knockout game mode, Epic wrote a brief refresher: 

"Marvel Knockout is a spin on Operation: Knockout that sees your team utilize super-powers to be the best team on the tournament bracket. Battle alongside your team against foes in a 4-round knockout fight! Each round your team will be given a different set of powers to battle opponents with mirrored abilities!"

You can learn more on the official Fortnite: Battle Royale website .

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