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Fortnite gets new competitive mode called Blitz Showdown

Published: 19:12, 01 June 2018
Epic Games
Epic's fourth teaser poster for Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4
Fortnite, Season 4

Epic Games have rolled out their new limited time competitive mode for Fortnite dubbed the Blitz Showdown LTM. Just like its predecessor Solo Showdown, the mode has a ranking system, where the winner runs away with 25,000 V-Bucks.

So, Fortnite's new limited time mode will bring faster circles and more hectic combat, in case you haven't already picked up on that from the Blitz part. Eliminations will now be counted in the final scores as well, together with your place on the leaderboard.

The rewards are not exactly as rich as in but before you accuse Epic of cheapskating on V-Bucks, you should know that they'll be rewarding top 100 Fortnite players per server region. There will be five server regions, where the US' coasts have been fused into a single server region.

Fornite players will need to have completed 25 matches in order to complete the Blitz Showdown LTM challenge. Each kill earns 3 points, which are added to placement scores to make up a player's final score. You can view placement scoring system on the picture below.

Epic have practically announced Showdown modes as a returning feature and the company will "continue to make adjustments" to the mode. Additionally, they'll be exploring different Fortnite showdown formats.

The company also revealed some interesting stats from Fortnite's Solo Showdown. Apparently, the top 100 players had an average of 4.96 kills per match, with an average match lasting five per cent longer than standard solo matches.

Europeans have a lot to be proud of, since Solo Showdown's top 1,000 had more Fortnite players from Europe than any other continent. Interestingly, Epic are saying that "teamers have been banned from the event and cheaters were permanently banned from Fortnite".

Epic Games The scoring system for Fortnite's Solo Showdown mode Fortnite Solo Showdown scoring

Now, it's not interesting tht Epic banned them - what's interesting is that there are persons who are willing to cheat or try to circumvent rules during a major Fortnite event, which is bound to be under strict supervision from the company. Don't these poor sods know that if Epic catch you cheating, it won't matter that you're 14 year old?

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