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Fortnite 14 Days of Summer introduces daily weapon, LTM rotation

Published: 09:48, 25 June 2019
Epic Games
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Fortnite, 14 Days of Summer

Epic may have given their Fortnite studio a fortnight off but content keeps coming. 14 Days of Summer brings daily rotation to weapons, with a new one unvaulted each day, a new limited time mode, daily challenge and free rewards, and more.

We've already covered the leaked challenges, but it turns out Epic had way more in store than the leaks suggested, starting with the weapons that will be unvaulted for 24 hours each. Talk about a blast from the past, eh?

Epic listed all the Fornite LTMs coming during 14 Days of Summer, although you should know that the order will be entirely random, despite how it may appear here on on the official website. 

Heavy Metal Squads LTM will limit Fortnite players to weapons with 'heavy' in the name. It also adds faster metal farming rates and faster storm times.

Storm Chasers: Surfin' is a squad-based LTM, where everyone deploys to a vehicle and the goal is to ride the waves and stay afloat. Impulses will "drip into your inventory" and the last man alive is the winner.

Splashdown Squads LTM is all about summer fun and the new Water Balloon item. Respawns are on and the first to reach a goal score wins. 

Power Up Solos starts with respawns on, but they turn off after a certain time. Every shield you consume increases max shields, with drops being pretty generous with shield shipments.

Leave None Behind Duos amps teamplay up, granting a Slurp effect when both of you are on your feet. Downed teammates are immune to damage, but other teammates then lose their Slurp and start taking damage over time.

Use With Care Duos relies on a set initial amount of building materials, and you can't harvest them in the match, so you'll have to make do.

Epic Games fortnite artwork showing john wick in cover holding a gun Fortnite - Wick's Bounty

Headshots Duos only registers damage from headshots, while removing shotguns. Tank Battle Squads boosts starting health and shields, turns on and increases ammo drops but removes healing items.

Builders Paradise Squads amps up structure health and resource gathering, while turning on neutral editing.

Strategic Structures Squads is also about construction, albeit favouring metal and stone structures, which come with much higher health. Metal and stone farming is increased but their caps are lowered.

Wick's Bounty Duos has players spawning with weapons and 3 lives, leaving them to eliminate targets appearing on the map.

Arsenal (Solos) starts players with top in-game weapons, with each kill making your weapon worse. The first player to get an elimination with the final weapon wins. 

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Rumble Squads is a play on the classic Team Rumble, with respawning on, and green and better weapons. The winner is the first team that reaches the goal score.

Loadout Swap Squads has set times when it gives a random loadout to everyone. Respawns are on and the first one to goal score is the winner.

You can find the modes listed on Fortnite's official website .

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