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Forspoken budget was reportedly over $100 million

Published: 09:46, 14 March 2023
Square Enix
Forspoken budget was pretty big as expected for a AAA game in 2023
Forspoken budget was pretty big as expected for a AAA game in 2023

PlayStation 5 exclusive Frospoken reportedly cost Square Enix more than $100 million to develop, according to the dev's LinkedIn profile.

Square Enix's recently released action-adventure Forspoken was one expensive title. According to the information found on the dev's LinkedIn profile, this open-world title which launched on PC and PlayStation 5 had a budget of over $100 million. 

"Wrote the bible, script, and downloadable content for a fantasy AAA video game ($100,000,000+ budget) with a release date set for Fall 2022," it's stated in  the LinkedIn profile of Forspoken lead writer Allison Rymer.

This, of course, is not the most expensive game ever as some games are two or even there times more expensive than Forspoken but it's still quite a number for a game that is not selling that well.

Square Enix recently said that "challenging" reviews were one of the reasons for the "lacklustre" sales of Forspoken. While the reviews did criticise the game for poor writing, bland open world and unlikeable protagonist, there are many other reasons why Forspoken isn't selling an abundance of copies. 

Forspoken was a console exclusive to PlayStation 5 which limited the game's reach at the start and the pre-release demo certainly didn't help, with many players noticing the obvious visual downgrade when compared to the reveal trailer.

Square Enix Forspoken will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive for quite a while Sadly, Forspoken failed to meet expectations

One thing to keep in mind regarding this budget is that it's not an official number coming from Square Enix's press releases or documents. While the $100 million is probably legit given that it comes from someone who worked on the game, we should wait for the official confirmation from Square Enix before setting this one in stone.


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