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Stalker 2 game materials leaked, GSC Game World gives hacker proverbial middle finger

Published: 01:56, 13 March 2023
Updated: 20:48, 13 March 2023
GSC Game World
Stalker 2 - Artefact hunting
Stalker 2 - Artefact hunting

Sensitive Stalker 2 files were recently acquired by a bad actor but the devs went full Chad mode and refused to bend to any demands.

Russian invasion of Ukraine resulted in GSC Game World changing the wording in Stalker 2 title from Heart of Chernobyl to Heart of Chornobyl, among a few other neat features, which upset some of the game's fans.

In this case "some" of the fans are generally Russians who seem to be offended that the devs from the country Russia invaded apparently weren't friendly enough to Russians, removed RU localisation plans and banned the individual that managed to get their hands on Stalker 2 files from the official Discord server.

As such, the bad actor demanded GSC Game World unban him on Discord, apologise to Russian players, and bring back Russian localisation.

GSC's response was swift and to the point. While there is a decently sized letter there, the gist of it can be summed by a two-second clip from Top Gear.

As a result, the hacker leaked some of the materials but basically, no one cares. If anything, the attempted blackmail generated more support for GSC and Ukraine which wasn't likely to be this mega mind's goal.

What makes the whole affair even more despicable is that the hacker is supposedly serving in Russian forces in the occupied Donetsk region of Ukraine, giving the devs even more reason not to bend to the demands.

As a reminder, one of the developers was killed in action near Bakhmut, which still holds to this day.


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