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Forspoken pops up on the Microsoft Store

Published: 22:23, 11 November 2021
Updated: 12:22, 12 November 2021
Square Enix
Microsoft Store - Forspoken
Microsoft Store - Forspoken

Square Enix' upcoming action-adventure RPG may be coming to PC sooner than the trailer shared in September had us believe. A Store page for the game just appeared on the Microsoft Store.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions have been quiet about Forspoken (formerly known as Project Athia) and we didn't get any major news about the upcoming action RPG since September, but there have been some developments recently. The eagle-eyed people of Reddit shared Forspoken's Microsoft Store page as well as the game's Steam page .

This isn't exactly breaking news as the trailer posted in September stipulates that Forspoken will be a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive but the tiny asterisk next to the text promises that the game will also be available on PC at the same time. Forspoken's release date isn't public information at this point, but we are looking at a full release in Spring 2022, barring any unforeseen delays.

Players who own Xbox Series X|S or other consoles will get to power jump across Athia in 2024. 

About Forspoken

Forspoken follows the story of one Frey Holland, a New Yorker who finds herself trapped in the land of Athia. On top of the new surroundings, Frey also finds herself sporting some new jewellery. Her bracelet turns out to be a sentient item, lending the girl the ability to cast potent spells and use magic to traverse the landscapes of Athia.

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