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Festival of the Lost features and new additions detailed in a trailer

Published: 23:01, 01 October 2020
Destiny 2 - Festival of the Lost armour
Destiny 2 - Festival of the Lost armour

Bungie revealed all the new stuff that will be featured during the 2020 edition of Festival of the Lost, including new ornaments, activities, sparrows and ships.

Festival of the Lost will bring along familiar limited-time activities to Destiny 2 once again. Guardians will venture on the Haunted Forest at the behest of The Spider. Dealing with the Fallen mob boss will result in the players getting rewarded with Cipher Decoders and racing against the clock through the dark corridors of the aforementioned Forest that contains numerous treasure chests.

Some of the event-based cosmetics and gear include a new Exotic Sparrow, ship and Ghost shell. These items will be inspired by mummies and therefore wrapped in bandages. Besides the wrapped stuff, players can get their hands on The Spider and Associate masks.

Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story auto rifles will be featured during the event and both will apparently have new perk possibilities which could result in some interesting rolls. Bungie didn't specify if these are just additions of existing perks that weren't previously available on these weapons or if the perks are completely new.

A new triumph will be around for the duration of the event and completing it will grant players a Festival of the Lost emblem.

Universal armour ornaments that resemble a werewolf, zombie and vampire will be available for Hunters, Titans and Warlocks, respectively. You can acquire these through the Eververse along with broomstick sparrow, One-inch Punch finisher and ghost shell with witch hat.

Some of these items may be available for Bright Dust during the event so make sure you keep checking back every week if you are hoping to not spend real-life money on them.

The Festival kicks off on October 6, 2020, at weekly reset.

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