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Ferrari's special Monza livery will be available in F1 22

Published: 15:46, 07 September 2022
Ferrari yellow livery in F1 22
Ferrari yellow livery in F1 22

Last year, the F1 game featured a white Red Bull ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix. This year, we are getting a yellow Ferrari.

Ahead of Ferrari's home race, the team decided to use a special celebratory yellow livery. Ferrari will incorporate the yellow color across all areas, from the car livery itself to helmets and merchandise.

But what is good news for gamers is that this celebration will cross over to the gaming world as well, as Ferrari and Codemasters announced the livery will be available this weekend on the latest Formula 1 edition.

Ferrari Ferrari Monza livery in-game footage Ferrari Monza livery in-game footage

The livery had positive feedback among the community, and there is no doubt that it will be a popular choice among the player base, and not just for Ferrari fans.

The only question that remains is for how long the livery will be available, and will it be locked under some paywall after this weekend? One thing is certain, the livery will be free to use this weekend.

If we look at the previous example of white Red Bull livery, EA removed it soon after Turkish GP but was returned briefly after a strong push from the community.

The livery is still available within the modding community, and the same is expected for the Ferrari Monza livery, which is good news for PC players, but not for console players.

The first practice session at Monza is at noon GMT on Friday, so we are expecting the update to be available as soon as Friday morning.

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