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F1 22: Seven crucial things that EA and Codemasters need to fix

Published: 12:54, 12 July 2022
Not even Ferrari strategist can stop him
Not even Ferrari strategist can stop him

F1 22 needs a lot of tweaks and fixes before it becomes a properly enjoyable F1 game. Here are five crucial problems that EA and Codemasters should be looking at. 

F1 22 launched to mostly positive reviews but not without some serious flaws , especially in single-player modes like My Team Career Mode. After spending some time with the game since the launch, we've noticed some of these issues, just like the F1 game community and YouTubers. 

Issues can vary from blazing-fast AI drivers , especially on corner exits and straights, to My Team upgrades not working at all. F1 22 content creator aarava made a list of the seven biggest issues, including the two that we've already mentioned, that EA and Codemasters should be looking to fix as soon as possible. 

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Seven things that need to be fixed in F1 22

  1. AI driver straight-line speed is OP
    The AI drivers are simply too fast on corner exits and straights. No matter how good your driving is you simply won't be able to make a move on your rivals due to the raw speed of AI drivers on straights.
  2. Personel HQ upgrades in My Team don't work
    Facilities like Fitness Centre or Analysis Suit don't seem to be working at the moment, at least on the PC platform, so don't spend your hard-earned cash on this category until EA and Codies fix this.
  3. Sponsor decals don't show up in race highlights
    F1 players will probably remember that both F1 2020 and F1 2021 had the same issue. It's long overdue for a fix. Get it done, dev team.
  4. Quick Practice kills your engine. Again!
    Another issue that was also present in the previous F1 game. If you use Quick Practice, your engine will wear a lot quicker than in the standard practice session, which makes the game unfair and frustrating.
  5. "Catch Safety Car Queue" bug
    When Safety Car is about to end, Catch Safety Car Queue and Delta Pace will glitch and affect the pace of AI drivers who will slow down and create a huge, 20-second gap between the cars.
  6. Inconsistent AI pace in Qualifying and Race
    Again, something we've seen before. The AI will be much quicker during Qualifying than in actual races making it very hard for players to choose the AI difficulty level.
  7. Development boosts are too focused on Engine reliability
    Development boosts should probably be randomised to allow players to have discounts on all development sections, not just engine reliability.

EA and Codemasters already said they are working on a bigger patch for F1 22 which will hopefully fix some of these issues. Some players would probably argue that bugs like these should be squashed during QA testing but it is what it is. 

F1 22 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

F1 22 car models and liveries

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