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F1 22: EA has identified the reason behind the straight line speed bug

Published: 15:55, 02 August 2022
Updated: 15:57, 02 August 2022
A.I. speed on straights should be fixed soon
A.I. speed on straights should be fixed soon

Finally, some good news for F1 fans as EA reveals they have diagnosed the issue causing unrealistic A.I. speed on straights which have troubled the game since its launch.

Patch 1.07 was released earlier today by EA containing several fixes, track addition, and most importantly, progress on the most irritating issue in F1 22  so far: unrealistic A.I. straight line speed.

For now, the problem has been diagnosed but not resolved, so the overall fix is not included in today's patch.

However, EA has made changes to the throttle application which should help equal AI and player car performance for the moment, and players have reported that the problem has been reduced on tracks like Miami and Baku, although not gone, so we will have to wait for the next patch to get rid of this issue permanently.

EA Portimao was added with patch 1.07 Portimao was added with patch 1.07

Another major significant change was the addition of the Portimao to the track selection. There were speculations that additional tracks would be featured as a DLC after game files have been discovered to exist, but EA has released Portimao for free, with the China track expected soon as well.

Whether this gift was EA's and Codemasters ' apology for the game's difficult first month or was planned to release for free all along is unknown, but for sure is a welcome surprise for the fans.

Portimao was added to Time Trial, Grand Prix, and Multiplayer modes while it's still missing in Career mode, even after the first season. There is a push from the community to include it in Career as well, so we will follow up on that story if it gains traction.

Other more important fixes include improving the balancing of the difficulty for Practice Programmes in Career and MyTeam modes, as well as changing the repercussions for the front wing damage that should affect handling and lap times more now.

Full patch notes are available here.


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