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F1 22: Players report very unbalanced A.I.

Published: 09:54, 06 July 2022
Not even Ferrari strategist can stop him
Not even Ferrari strategist can stop him

Many players are having trouble finding the right difficulty for the game as A.I. drivers seem more unbalanced than in previous games.

A.I. balancing has been an issue in the range of F1 games, from ridiculously fast A.I. in high-speed corners, to very low speed on slower-to-medium corners, which makes fine-tuning the game's difficulty hard.

But F1 22 seems to take this unbalance to another level, as A.I. straight-line speed is vastly superior to players, and on some tracks, the difference is literally seconds. The issue is so obvious that even popular streams like Jarno Opmeer are losing over a second per lap compared to A.I. on some Tracks.

Moreover, the A.I. is still too quick in fast corners and slow in others, so the game's experience can range from too easy to too hard on the same difficulty.

Another prevalent issue, for now, is the buffed Leclerc in both MyCareer and MyTeam modes, making it almost impossible to beat him. Just like in the previous game with Mercedes and Red Bull, this year Ferrari and Red Bull are on another level compared to the rest of the grid, which is fine, as it reflects the current real-life situation. 

Reddit user u/atomhypno One of the examples of Leclerc's dominance One of the examples of Leclerc's dominance

But for the moment, Leclerc seems to be at a level beyond that, as players report him having more than 550 championship points, winning almost every race, and not dropping out of the podium positions at any time.

There are two possible reasons why he is so dominant: 

  • He is the game's ambassador
  • The stats were locked since the Bahrain race this season (which explains the bad McLaren and dominant Ferrari reliability compared to RB)

Codemasters will hopefully fix A.I. stats fast, so the racing seems balanced throughout and does not have such a vast difference depending on which track or part of the track you are.

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